Runner Safety

Terrigal Trotters has a duty of care to ensure that Club events are conducted so as to ensure your safety and that the Third Party Insurance held by the Club on your behalf is not compromised. Personal Accident Insurance is the individual member's own responsibility. The following rules should be observed when running/walking.
  • Use the footpath whenever possible.
  • If it is necessary to use the road, run on the right-hand side facing oncoming traffic. No more than two abreast and preferably single-file.
  • Wear light-coloured clothing, e.g., white or yellow, so that you can easily be seen.
  • In rain or the dark, run on well-lit streets and roads. Most top brand shoes have reflective patches and, if you can, wear a reflective vest or attach reflective tape to arms and upper body.
  • Obey ALL traffic rules. Cross the road at right angles and use pedestrian crossings if available. Ensure visibility in both directions. NEVER cross against a red light at a signalled intersection.
  • NEVER assume that a driver has seen you. Attempt to make eye contact and accept and acknowledge courtesy given.
  • Be wary of cyclists, who frequently cannot be heard, and many of whom use the wrong side of the road. Do not change direction without checking.
  • Always carry ID (a cancelled Drivers Licence is ideal) together with home phone number, blood group, allergy details, etc.
  • Avoid sunglasses except on bright clear days and NEVER use headphones on the road.
  • Road Rage can be a problem. If it happens to you, get the registration number and report it.
  • Be aware that not all of those driving early in the morning are going to work. Many have left clubs and pubs to go home and may be intoxicated or over-tired.