Six at 6

Wednesday Evening 6pm

Starts at 6pm at the park adjacent to the Central Coast Leagues Club (Georgiana Terrace)

The course is 1.2km in distance and the full course is 6km in total.

There is a 800m kids lap that is fully enclosed (i.e. not roads to cross)

Run 1 lap or 5 laps, the choice is yours.

Refreshments provided

Stix at Six

Thursday Evening 6pm

Starts at 6pm at the top of Kincumba Mountain and is very family friendly and well attended by people of all ages.

You do not need to be a Trotter to attend but as per all events you must sign a waiver in order to participate.

Any changes or updates from week to week can be found on the Trotters Facebook page

Track Sessions

Thursday Mornings 6am

The excellent track sessions are back and we meet in the surf club car park at 5:30am for a 30min group warmup for a 6:00am start.

During Summer the session takes place at Duffy's Oval, throughout the rest of the year we are at the Haven. Updates to this are communicated via Trotters Facebook page

All track sessions are suitable for all abilities and help you get to the next level and are organised by qualified coaches - usually around 5k of intermittent effort at your own pace