Drinks Procedure

Prior to first Saturday, get keys to Surf Club from previous month's drinks person.

Prior to Saturday Run
  • Place drink containers onto trolley and fill with water from outdoor showers
  • Add 1 bottle of cordial to each drink holder
  • In summer, add a bag of ice.
  • Ensure black box with cups is placed next to drink dispensers
  • Aim to have everything set up by 5:45am.

    Post Saturday Run
  • Empty unused cordial at 8am into the garden behind wall
  • Return utensils to Surf Club, rinse out cordial container and place everything back into the cupboards and lock.

    Monitor Supplies
  • Ensure that there are at least 2 full bottles of cordial stored in the cupboard prior to the following Saturday.
  • Ideally there should be supplies of at least a months worth of cordial (8-10 bottles)
  • Cordial - Can be purchased from Coles (unbranded) and will be reimbursed on presentation of receipts
  • Cups - Need to be sourced from Trotters storage shed

    On the last Saturday of each month
  • Wash all containers with detergent.
  • Wipe out cupboards (with disinfectant).
  • Give Surf Club keys to next months drinks person if required.