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Race Numbers

All Runners will be issued at the Start with two plastic wristbands that must be worn for the duration of the race.  The left wristband will carry the Runner's Name and Race Number, and be colour-coded to distinguish between the 100 Mile and 100 Kilometre events.  The right wristband will be used to record medical information.

Unofficial Runners

No unofficial runners are permitted in the GNW100s.  Any identified unofficial runners will be prevented from entering the GNW100s in future years and have their names reported to the Australian Ultra Runners Association.

Medical Checks

All Runners will be weighed at the Start and at Checkpoint 2, and possibly other Checkpoints, prior to departure.  Significant weight loss or gain during the event will be used by the medical personnel as an aid in judging whether it is safe for the Runner to continue.  (The race medical personnel and race officials have the power to withdraw any runner at any time for any reason at their own discretion, or impose waiting times on runners deemed to be at medical risk if continuing immediately.)


The Race Director, or any member of the Medical Support staff or any Checkpoint Captain may prevent any Runner from starting (even after their Entry has been accepted) or continuing in the GNW100s if any of the following occurs.

  • The Runner, their Pacer, or their Support Crew breach Race Rules.
  • It is decided that the Runner may be placing themselves or others at any risk whatsoever.
  • Any other reason deemed sufficient by the Race Director.

Unauthorised Assistance

Any physical assistance provided to any Runner outside of a Checkpoint by any person will result in the disqualification of the Runner.


Any runner who abuses Race Officials or Volunteers, or whose Pacer or Support Crew abuses Race Officials or Volunteers, will be disqualified.


Runners may not store supplies or equipment of any description along the Course.


Absolutely no littering is allowed anywhere along the Course or at Checkpoints.  Breaches of this rule by Runners, their Pacers or their Support Crew will result in disqualification of the Runner.


Runners who need to relieve themselves must leave the trail to do so, and must bury any waste.  There is one toilet available at Checkpoint 1, one toilet at Checkpoint 6, two toilets at Checkpoint 3, and multiple toilets at all other Checkpoints and the Start and Finish.


Runners are not allowed to take a ride in a vehicle where it advances their progress or compensates for Runner error.  If they do, they are considered to have withdrawn from the Race.  They will not be allowed to continue, and if they do, they will not be listed as finishers, and risk being barred from entry in future GNW100s.  Runners may, after checking into a Checkpoint, rest and get warm in a STATIONARY vehicle.  Once a Runner has checked out of the Checkpoint they may not get back into any vehicle without being disqualified.


Runners in the 100 Mile Race may opt to finish at 100 Kilometres and be included in the 100 Kilometre Race results, but there will not be a refund of the Fee difference, they will not be given a placing, and they will not be awarded a medal as a 100 Kilometre finisher.  Their 100 Kilometres time will be included in the results provided to the Australian Ultra Runners Association and the International Trail Running Association (who award points used for UTMB and other international trail ultras).

Dropping Out

Runners can withdraw from the GNW100s at any Checkpoint but may have to wait for the last Runner to pass, or the Checkpoint Cut-Off time to be reached, for transport to the Finish unless they have their own Support Crew.  It is imperative that withdrawing Runners notify the Exit Gate Officials at the nearest Checkpoint IN PERSON of their withdrawal so that no unnecessary concern is caused or searches are conducted.

Sleeping Out

Any Runners planning to sleep during any part of the GNW100s are responsible for providing their own equipment and facilities for doing so.


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