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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a member?

Come to Terrigal Trotters regular Saturday morning run from the Terrigal Beach Car Park and pay the standard $2.00 per run.  After you have run and paid for 10 runs you automatically become a member.

What are the membership fees?

The membership fees are $2.00 per Saturday morning run. After you have run and paid for 10 runs you automatically become a member, but continue to pay the $2.00 fee per Saturday morning attended.

What do I get for my fees?

The Club organizes regular social events which are subsidised and also organizes trips to some running events, e.g., SMH Half Marathon, City to Surf.  The Club also has third party liability insurance cover that protects members from liability in events organized by the Club.

Am I covered by insurance?

The Club has insurance that protects members from liability in events organized by the Club.

Is coaching available?

Margaret Beardslee (tel: 4389 2808) and Dave Byrnes (tel: 0428 880784) are running coaches who are members of Terrigal Trotters and registered with the Australian Track & Field Coaches Association.  They are available to offer advice and each conduct training sessions several times a week.

What organizations are you affiliated with?


What races can I go in?

You can enter any race you want as an individual.  As a member of the Club you can participate in several Club-only events such as the Round the Bay and Girakool to Patonga.  As a Club member, you can also be part of teams entered in events such as the Six Foot Track Marathon.  The Club also organizes 5km and 10km Time Trials on the last Saturday of each month starting at 6:00am from the Terrigal Beach Car Park.

What do the Committee do?

The Committee meets monthly to review correspondence with the Club, monitor its finances, organize upcoming events and deal with concerns raised by members.

How can I have my say?

All Club members are invited to raise any concerns or ideas they may have with members of the Committee at any time.  Members are also invited to attend any Committee Meeting to raise issues or participate in discussions.  The Club also has an Annual General Meeting which all members are encouraged to attend and participate in.

What are my voting rights?

All members may vote at the Club's Annual General Meeting on any of the issues scheduled for discussion and decision, including office-bearers for the coming year.

How can I get more involved in the Club?

All members are welcome to attend the monthly Committee Meetings and participate in discussions.  Members are also needed to help with the various events, social and running, organized by the Club.  If you want to help with anything please contact a Committee Member.

What awards does the Club have?

The Club votes each year for Club Person, Female Athlete, Male Athlete. Junior Athlete and Trotter of the Year and presentations are made to the winners at Trotter of the Year Night in August or September.  Club Champions are also awarded each year to the people gaining the most points in the Super 7 Series, Time Trial Aggregate and Ultra Championship.

What is the Club uniform?

The Club has uniforms available from Clothing Officer.

What other activities is the Club engaged in?

Apart from organizing social and running events, the club raises large amounts of money for Charity through the annual Bay to Bay Fun Run.

Can I contribute articles to the Newsletter?

The Editor of the Newsletter always welcomes contributions from members.